Treating Sleep Related Breathing Disorders in Jacksonville, Florida

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Sleep Apnea is sort of a doom and gloom diagnosis. Many people automatically associate it with having to sleep with a loud machine called a CPAP. The good news is that as modern technology evolves, more options are coming available.

Advanced Airway Screening

  • General Health Questionnaire
  • Sleepiness Questionnaire
  • Take your blood pressure and other measurements
  • Pharyngometry and Rhinometry -which use sound waves to measure your airway

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)

AdobeStock 544542718 scaled e1676532253452 - Stevenson Family Dentistry -Currently there are many FDA approved appliances available to treat sleep disorder breathing. They vary in fit, function, ability to be adjusted, range of motion and materials used in constructions.

Medicare has only approved the adjustable Herbst and custom TAP appliances.

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