Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

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The benefits of Laser Therapy include faster healing time, stronger precision, a gentler approach to the teeth and gums, less anesthetic for most procedures and the ability to treat multiple dental needs in one visit.

We Now Employ Laser Therapy

Lasers can be used in a variety of ways in dentistry. Depending on their wavelength, a laser can be used in:


Sometimes, the frenum is attached too high or is too short, making it tight and limiting the function. Often, a short/tight frenum can inhibit proper development of jaws, gingival growth, ability to nurse and speech. They also interfere with dental treatment, like closing gaps in front teeth, maintaining healthy gingival tissue or making proper fitting dentures. Frenectomy surgery performed with a laser has many advantages over previous techniques. The advantages of laser frenectomy surgery are they require less anesthesia (often only topical anesthesia); there’s no need for stitches; little to no bleeding; and less pain.

Teeth whitening

Lasers are used to speed up in-office teeth whitening procedures. A special whitening solution, applied to the tooth surface, is “activated” by laser energy, which speeds up the whitening process.

Faster Orthodontic

Our EpicX laser assists in stimulating bone, so teeth move 2-3 times faster than non-laser assisted orthodontics. Whether you have traditional braces, appliances or aligners, laser assisted orthodontics will speed up your treatment.

Tooth Decay

Our Waterlase iPlus Laser has the ability to anesthetize (numb) your tooth without needles. This makes visits, especially children’s, quicker and more comfortable. The laser can also be used to remove decay within a tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel for restoration with a filling. Bacteria are very susceptible to specific laser wave lengths and the Waterlase iPlus leaves a cleaner, healthier tooth.

Gum Disease

Lasers are used to reshape gums to provide better access to clean your teeth, remove excess unesthetic tissue, reduce bacteria around teeth and stimulate healing in gums and bone.

Biopsy or lesion removal

Lasers can be used to remove a small piece of tissue (called a biopsy) so that it can be examined for cancer. This is done quickly with less damage to surrounding tissue, usually without stitches, less pain and promotes repair and healing of tissue.

Pain Management

Lasers are a great way to treat cold sores, mouth ulcers ad relieve the pain of canker sore. Bacteria and viruses are extremely susceptible to laser energy. Pain from ulcerations is reduced and healing initiated. There are some reported cases of the ulcers not returning.

Pain in joints and muscles can be reduced or relieved with laser pain management. A few minutes of non-invasive laser therapy will help start feeling better.

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