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Welcome to Stevenson Family Dentistry in Jacksonville, Florida, where your oral health is our top priority. Led by Dr. Neil Stevenson, our dedicated team is committed to promoting oral health and providing quality dentistry to the Jacksonville, FL, community. We firmly believe that a healthy mouth leads to a healthier body, so all our dental treatments are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs.

At Stevenson Family Dentistry, we deliver the highest level of care, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to ensure the best possible results. From professional teeth whitening to orthodontics, we are dedicated to offering exceptional service for every aspect of oral care while genuinely caring for the overall well-being of every patient. We can’t wait to welcome you
to our practice and participate in your journey towards a healthier, more radiant smile.


Directions to Stevenson Family Dentistry

From I-295:

  • Take exit 5 to merge onto FL-13 S/San Jose Blvd
  • After 2.5 miles, turn right.
  • After 85 ft, turn right again; Stevenson Family Dentistry will be on the left.

From Interstate 95:

  • Use the right two lanes to take exit 337 to merge onto I-295 N toward I-10/Orange Park
  • After 5.3 miles, take exit 5B to merge onto FL-13 S/San Jose Blvd
  • After 2.5 miles, turn right
  • After 89 feet, turn right
  • Your destination will be on the left.


Brief History of Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida, boasts a rich and multifaceted history that spans centuries. Originally inhabited by indigenous Timucua people, the region’s history was forever altered by the arrival of European explorers in the 16th century. 1562 French explorer Jean Ribault established Fort Caroline along the St. Johns River, one of the first European settlements in the United States. The area later fell under Spanish control, with St. Augustine, just south of Jacksonville, becoming the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the continental United States.

In the 19th century, Jacksonville’s strategic location became a key transportation hub, earning it the nickname “The Gateway to Florida.” The city played a pivotal role in the Civil War, changing hands several times, and was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces. After the war, Jacksonville experienced significant growth, becoming a major center for shipping, industry, and tourism. Today, Jacksonville stands as Florida’s largest city by land area. It continues to evolve as a diverse and vibrant metropolis with a fascinating historical tapestry that reflects the complex history of the American South.


Living and Working in Jacksonville, FL

Living and working in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a unique blend of opportunities and lifestyle. With its diverse neighborhoods, beautiful beaches, and a thriving job market, Jacksonville caters to various interests and career paths. The city’s strong economy supports multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and logistics, making it an attractive destination for professionals.

Jacksonville’s warm climate and outdoor recreational options, from water sports to hiking in its lush parks, make it an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, a low cost of living compared to many other major cities in Florida and the United States adds to the appeal, making Jacksonville an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced and affordable urban experience in the Sunshine State.


What Not to Miss in Jacksonville, Florida

After your appointment at Stevenson Family Dentistry in Jacksonville, you’ll find many exciting attractions to explore in the city. For art enthusiasts, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens offers a captivating experience with its diverse art collection and stunning garden landscapes. If you’re looking for family-friendly fun, head to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, where you can encounter a wide range of animals and immerse yourself in beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Additionally, for those seeking shopping, dining, and entertainment, the Jacksonville Landing by the St. Johns River is the perfect spot, offering a variety of shops, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife options. So, whether you’re into art, wildlife, or waterfront adventures, Jacksonville has something delightful in store for you to enjoy after your dental visit.

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